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    location:Home > News > Analysis of the characteristics of the bearing for idler circle base migration m
    (1) rescue the internal and external diameter of bearing for idler ring
    First of all there are shortcomings at the parts (asymmetric) scale for accurate measurement, calculated the minimum amount of the grinding (abrasive products to the M scale error), and then for the parts in the grinding base offset (offset direction toward the disadvantage of increased grinding amount), the maximum offset is M/2 that is, for the defects at the relative increase of grinding, grinding points.
    (2) rescue the inner and outer raceways of the ring
    Bearing for grinding ring for idler planning standard diameter or diameter, namely the first grinding inside (outside) diameter after grinding to inner ring raceway, for example, raceway asymmetric type faults if when the need to accurately measure the part diameter scale, and calculate the maximum amount of M1 maximum amount of grinding and grinding M the disadvantages of the raceway. When M1 < M, when grinding the inner diameter, it needs the offset of the inner ring base, and the maximum offset is M1/2. That is to say, when the inner diameter is processed, the amount of grinding will be added to the inner raceway at first. Then, when grinding the inner raceway, the disadvantage will get the key point grinding, and the waste can be saved.
    The base offset grinding is carried out in the premise of ensuring parts hardness, carburized layer depth of the offset total does not end in an offset grinding, usually several times after the dividend grinding, grinding test and measurement of offset adjustment process repeated offset - try to grind end, to grind down the disadvantages after the head is looking to the normal grinding ellipticity correction. The power of this method is low, and at the same time, the operator is requested to have higher technical level. But in single machine and single piece production, this method is highly successful, and there is no delay in production. After several years of practice, the results are excellent.

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