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    location:Home > News > Skills and functions of joint spherical roller bearing
    Because the structure and working mechanism of the joint spherical roller bearing are completely different from the rolling spherical roller bearing, so the joint spherical roller bearing has its own skill characteristics and protection request.
    Joint spherical roller bearing
    (1) working temperature
    Joint spherical roller bearing allowable working temperature is mainly composed of spherical roller bearing sliding surface between paired data resolution, especially plastic sliding surface smooth joint data from spherical roller bearing, in the high temperature bearing capacity will reduce trend. When the sliding surface data of the smooth joint spherical roller bearing is paired to steel / steel, the allowable working temperature depends on the allowable working temperature of the smooth agent. But for all smooth and self smoothed joints spherical roller bearing, it can be applied at the temperature range of -30 C to +80 C, and maintain the accurate ability to bear.
    (2) dip angle
    Spherical roller bearing of the joint angle is far more than the usual adjustable rolling much larger spherical roller bearing, is very suitable for use in the concentricity of the bearing parts of the request is not high, the way spherical roller bearing joint angle with spherical roller bearing structure, size, type of sealing device and the supporting and not the same, usually the size of centripetal inclination spherical roller bearing joint is 3 degrees to 15 degrees angle, touch angle scale joint spherical bearing roller is 2 to 3 degrees. The size of spherical roller bearing joint angle thrust is 6 degrees to 9 degrees.
    (3) cooperation
    In any case, joint spherical roller bearing cooperation is not allowed to cause uneven deformation of the ring. The selection of its cooperative nature and grade must be decided according to spherical roller bearing type, supporting mode and load size.
    (4) loading and unloading
    The handling of the joint spherical roller bearing should follow the following criteria, that is, the force applied to the installation and disassembly can not be transferred directly through a spherical sliding surface. In addition, the auxiliary loading and unloading tools, such as sleeve, disassembly, etc., should be used.

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