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    Top, low temperature and high speed bearing for conveyor roller smooth fat
    Now, the equipment that uses thrust ball bearing for conveyor roller is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the smooth grease used by bearing for conveyor roller must have the following functions.
    1, conveyor roller and bearing for have the same operation life, try to extend the maintenance cycle, reduce downtime, improve labor productivity.
    2. Under the high speed of DN > 5 x 105, we should ensure that the temperature of the motor is low, the oil is not flung, then the power is reduced and the motor is maintained.
    3, the content of the impurity is controlled under the certain standard, and the pollution of the equipment noise to the environment is greatly reduced.
    4. Ensure the flexibility of bearing for conveyor roller starting and operation under the condition of ultra low temperature operation to ensure the minimum output power.
    Second. General low noise motor bearing for conveyor roller smooth fat
    In the bearing for conveyor roller occupation, the use of this smooth fat is the largest, accounting for about 70% of the total fat. Because this kind of smooth grease chooses a soft and easily filtered lithium soap as thickener, and mineral oil as the base oil, it is easy to satisfy the requirements of low and intermediate thrust ball bearing for conveyor roller. The other advantage is good pumping, both mechanical and grease, and it is still handy and easy to use.
    Third, high temperature and long life, low noise bearing for conveyor roller smooth fat
    The smooth fat used in high temperature and high speed environment should have the following characteristics:
    1, in the high temperature, not lost, that is, at about 180 degrees Celsius to adhere to the consistency of the consistency, not softening.
    2, less oil leakage. When smooth fat is subjected to high frequency repeated shear and large centrifugal force in bearing for conveyor roller, the smoothness can be reflued to the raceway in time.
    3, there is a certain effect of mute, because the fiber with high hardness and smooth hardness is generally strong, so the mute function in the thrust ball bearing for conveyor roller noise test is far less than that of lithium based smooth grease.
    4, this kind of grease to a certain temperature by life, it has a good antioxidant ability under high temperature, and then extended bearing for conveyor roller and related equipment life.

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