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    location:Home > News > Deep groove ball bearing oil lubrication method
    In order to good use of deep groove ball bearing, in the process of using oil lubrication to prevent friction bearing, try to reduce its power, so as to improve the operation speed and performance of the bearing and the bearing of our daily life, there are five main types of several common methods of lubricating oil, Xiaobian for everyone here to make a summary I hope to help you.
    Vacuum impregnation
    Vacuum impregnation, deep groove ball bearing enters pores containing porous cages, force lubricants bearing, using reservoir cages. This method is then used with lubricating bearings, its purpose is to prevent oil, lubricating oil from cage material. Generally, the base of the grease is in a cage to prevent incompatibility.
    Oil packaging
    The internal free volume of deep groove ball bearing packaging about 1/4 to 1/3 ball bearings is one of the most commonly used methods of grease lubrication. The use of special lubricating equipment controlled by the quantity of oil. IBSCO is able to control the amount of lubricants for 0.5 milligrams, if specified.
    Grease electroplating
    The desired consistency of oil and solvent is composed of grease and mixture. This mixed lubricating bearing is then evaporated at moderate temperature, leaving the grease film on the raceway, ball and cage. Oil is grown for low torque values for packing oil bearings.
    Oil electroplating
    The expected consistency of mixed oil and solvents for oil plating, solvent for lubricating oil, moderate temperature, raceway left on film, ball and cage oil. The torque value of oil electroplating for oil lubricated bearings is greatly reduced and a very low torque application can be specified.
    Speed factor
    The operating speed of the largest grease is dependent on the type of the base oil. The speed factor is the function of the speed (N) of the Kong Zhoucheng (D) millimeter (mm) bearing at each minute speed (RPM).

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